Transform your group into travel experts.
Transform your group

We are a team of travel experts with a complete solution for making your sports travel easy.

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1. Launch

Easily add a FanTravel site for your group or organization to offer travel to any of your events.

2. Promote

We've got the tools to encourage your members to book the travel options you choose to offer.

3. Experience

Your members come together to enjoy a hassle-free experience to the event!

Why us?
  • Your events are organized by travel experts
  • It's easy for your members to organize, book, and travel
  • Get competitive rates through group buying power
  • We're a complete online solution
  • Get new revenue streams from travel
  • More flexible with better prices than a travel agent
  • More convenient than organizing travel yourself
  • Customer service & on-site support
Our credentials

FanTravel is a joint venture with TUI Travel ®, one of the world’s largest and most successful travel and tourism organizations in the world.

  • 53,000 staff in 31 source markets
  • 30 million customers
  • 180 destinations
Part of the TUI Travel Family
Bill B. (alumnus)
"I can’t think of anything you could have done to make things more convenient or pleasant."
Shankar S. (alumnus)
"It's great to have a 'one button to click' solution for my trip."
Justine T. (student)
"FanTravel took away the stress of having to organize a trip. It was almost as easy as going to a game on campus!"
Common Questions
How much does this service cost us?

It's free for you to add FanTravel to your group or your organization. In fact, you can choose to earn commission from the trips booked through your site.

How much does it cost our members?

Your members can choose what kind of travel they book so it depends on which kind of trip they build.

Are my bookings safe with you?

Yes! We are backed by TUI Travel, one of the world's largest and most successful travel and tourism organizations in the world.

How can I get FanTravel for our group?

Feel free to Get Started and fill out a request form. We are always available by email. And glad to take your call at (206) 395-4790.